Bathroom Before and After

I was so inspired after doing my closet makeover and blog post, which can be found here, that I wanted to tackle another area of my apartment that has been bugging me for a while. My bathroom, and specifically my bathroom closet, has always been a problem area in our apartment if I let it get out of hand, and since housekeeping was not at the top of my priority list these past few months with everything going on, it of course got a little out of hand. It was hard to find anything I wanted in the closet, and I would get overwhelmed just opening the closet door.

These are the before pictures of the top two shelves in my bathroom closet before the makeover…yikes.

Rather than taking everything out, Marie Kondo style, like I did with my closet for this project, I decided to first take out the things that I know I’m not going to use. For example, there are several unopened, unexpired lotions and hand cream type products that I believe I got in some sort of gift basket around the holidays that I know I’m never going to use, so my plan is to pick up some more commonly used toiletry type items to go along with this on my next grocery shopping trip and donate them to a local women’s shelter.

Then, I knew I wanted to redo the way our medicine is organized because we always have so much cold and allergy medicine on hand and in so many different places that each fall/winter when one of us inevitably gets the crud going around and needs some of the medicine, we can’t find it and end up buying a whole new bottle or pack. So the next thing I did was take all the cold/flu/allergy type medication and put them all into a container together, and for this project, I didn’t buy any fancy storage bins/containers off of Amazon. I just repurposed some cardboard boxes and a drawer organizer that was my mother’s that wouldn’t fit in any of my kitchen drawers. Since I was doing this with that specific type of medication, I also took another box and put in other miscellaneous medicine. I put these boxes and our first aid kit on the bottom shelf of our closet.

These were the bottom few shelves of my bathroom closet before I reorganized everything…what can I say, it’s even worse than the top picture >_<.

Once that was done, I didn’t feel quite as overwhelmed by the idea of taking everything else out and trying to categorize it before putting it back. For the second shelf, I took another box and put all my hair products, my straightener, and my blow dryer in it and then another box for my husband’s beard trimmer and shaving equipment. On the third shelf, I used the rows of the drawer organize smaller items, like bars of soap and shampoo bars, face products I don’t use everyday, nail polish and polish remover, perfume and cologne, etc., and I put the things that we use more frequently in the rows towards the front. On the top shelf, all of our towels, hand towels, and wash cloths tended to become a jumbled mess after a while, so I repurposed a cardboard box in order to separate the hand towels from the wash cloths. I also decided to roll the towels instead of folding them for two reasons really. One, because I didn’t have room to really fold them with the cardboard box added in, and two, because I’m hoping the rolled towels will potentially look neater for longer. I’m not sure how that theory will play out, but we’ll see ;). Then I just tried to stack our recently purchased subscription box of Who Gives A Crap toilet paper as neatly as possible at the very bottom of the closet.

And although I started this project with the intention of just trying to straighten up the closet in the bathroom, it ended up allowing me to reorganize and straighten up our (very) small countertop, our medicine cabinet, and the cabinets under the sink. So don’t dismiss the power of going through and straightening up a closet in your choosing happiness journey. It really can be powerful.

And the top two shelves after…what a change right! I was so proud of all the work that I did, and as silly as it sounds, I get excited going into the bathroom closet now.
And the bottom three shelves 🙂 What a transformation!

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