Starting a Garden and More New Growth

Recently, and you may know this if you follow me on Instagram, I started a container garden! I thought about including this in my post the other day on ways you can be environmentally friendly because growing your own food is a great way to be more environmentally friendly, but I decided my small garden need a post all to itself.

After the success of my small indoor herb garden, I continued thinking about the idea of planting seeds and fostering new growth in my life. I have dreamed for a while of starting a garden, but it was one of those ideas I put off and put off, thinking I would do it when and only when my husband and I had our own house. In other words, I was putting off the pursuit of happiness for the pursuit of perfection. And while our apartment is not the ideal spot for a garden, considering we have no real outdoor space, save a breezeway that nothing apart from a welcome mat is allowed in for fire escape issues, I do have a wonderful outdoor space right outside my office window at work.

I did a little research online about container gardening, because I knew I would not be able to till up the ground outside of our rented office building, and I asked my mother-in-law for some gardening advice because it was fairly late in the season. In the past, I would have asked one or both of my parents, but I knew that my mother-in-law had grown large gardens in the past too and was getting back into gardening herself.

I told her I really wanted to plant tomatoes, but I knew it was way too late in the season for them. I remembered my parents always planting them sometime in March, and it was already into June by then. But to my excitement, she told me it wasn’t too late, as long as I got more mature plants. We talked about some of the other things I had thought about planting and would be good for that time of year, and a few days later, I headed to a nearby garden center (wearing my mask of course), where I bought two tomato plants, a rosemary plant, several seed packets, and two large bags of potting soil. I already had some large planters from my parents’ house, and I had recently bought a bag of compost from the local farmer’s market.

I officially started my tiny garden on June 15, with just my two tomato plants and my rosemary plant, and two days later, I added some pumpkin seeds and another herb garden (with oregano this time). Before even a week had passed since repotting the tomato plants, I already had a tiny little tomato growing on one of the plants. Now, less than two weeks later, I have into the double digits, and my pumpkin seeds are sprouting, as are all of my herbs with the exception of the oregano.

I have started noticing a little bit of issues with what I’m assuming are bugs, so I’m trying out a DIY insecticide that is supposed to be natural. If it works, I may do an update on or how to on that over on my Instagram page. And while this project is small, it has been incredibly meaningful. It is the highlight of my day when I get to work each morning and am able to check on the progress of my garden, looking for new sprouts or new tomatoes. This is why we need to plant our seeds. This is why we need to foster new growth. There is nothing like the feeling of seeing real, physical progress and change and knowing you had at least a little something to do with it.

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