Remembering My Mother During Domestic Violence Awareness Month

If you’re not already aware, October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which takes on a whole new meaning for me this year, now that I’ve lost my mother to domestic violence. I always noticed the cause and appreciated all that was being done by organizations during this month in past years because my motherContinue reading “Remembering My Mother During Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

Small Acts of Kindness Can Change the World

So last month, I’m sure most of you know, I did a big project where I challenged myself to do one act of kindness a day. And while some of these acts of kindness were small, the overall project itself was pretty big. For some people, it might seem overwhelming to take on that much,Continue reading “Small Acts of Kindness Can Change the World”

Grieving and Honoring the Person We Lost

For tonight’s blog post, I am not writing about the typical “happy” things. This post is for those who are actively grieving, and just so you know, grieving doesn’t just have to be a person. It can be the year you thought 2020 was going to be before the dumpster fire that it was. ItContinue reading “Grieving and Honoring the Person We Lost”

Final Thoughts on August Kindness Challenge

So, as promised, tonight’s blog post is an overview of the August Act of Kindness Challenge I gave myself. This challenge really came about because this past year has been so crazy, both in the grand scheme of things (what with the global pandemic and everything) and on the small scale, in my own personalContinue reading “Final Thoughts on August Kindness Challenge”

August Act of Kindness: Week Four

Day 21: Diapers for ParentsFor this day, I wanted to do a “random” act of kindness or something that would impact a stranger. I ordered a pack of eco-friendly disposable diapers off of Earth Hero and put several of them in the changing table in the family restroom at Publix while I was doing aContinue reading “August Act of Kindness: Week Four”

August Act of Kindness: Week Three

(I apologize for getting this post out late! There was a lot going on Friday and this weekend in general, including an internet outage, and by the time I was actually able to get this up, it was nearly Tuesday, so I decided to wait to post this. I hope you’ll understand!) Hopefully by thisContinue reading “August Act of Kindness: Week Three”