Seven Ways to Help Nonprofits for Free

So far in my kindness challenge for this month, which you can read more about here, I have made actual monetary donations to two nonprofits so far. One has been covered in my first week overview, and one will be covered in my overview published this Friday. And while my donations weren’t not monumental byContinue reading “Seven Ways to Help Nonprofits for Free”

Aligning Your Actions With Your Goals and Dreams

Back in December, leading up to the start of the New Year, I made all kinds of resolutions of what I wanted to accomplish in the New Year. I based my upcoming year off of “The Happiness Project” by Gretchin Rubin. If you’re familiar with this book, Gretchin, essentially creates a theme for each monthContinue reading “Aligning Your Actions With Your Goals and Dreams”

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Making an Impact

So as most of my Instagram followers probably already know, I recently went on vacation to the beach. The beach was in Florida, but it’s fairly remote, and my family and I took precautions while there. The trip had been planned months ago, before the pandemic had become such a part of our normal life,Continue reading “Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Making an Impact”